Monday, September 14, 2015

09-14-15 Mops- A Fierce Flourishing

Tonight was our first MOPS meeting of the season and this year our theme is A Fierce Flourishing. I always look forward to our MOPS meetings because it is a chance to connect with other moms and build friendships on a common interest... Motherhood. It is great to have a group of women to turn to that are going through a lot of the same struggles, challenges, and experiences that I am. Over the years I have gotten to know more and more women through this group and they have all been such a blessing to me. I am excited to see how this year unfolds and I am looking forward to deepening existing friendships and building new ones! 

And here's a few random pics from the past few days... Just because! 

I asked Big E to look cool and this is what I get! 

The love of sweet tea starts early in this family!

09-14-15 Pink Eye

Here is a list of things easier than giving eye drops to a five year old...

1- Scrubbing a pan that has three day old food encrusted on every surface.
2- Changing a lightbulb in a twelve foot ceiling.
3- Giving a pill to a cat.
4- Defrosting a freezer.
5- Changing a tire. 
6- Threading a sewing machine.
7- Cleaning your gutters.
8- Calling Comcast with a question about your bill. 

And that's just off the top of my head! 

C got diagnosed with pink eye yesterday, which was awesome because pink is her favorite color. Before we even pulled out of the parking lot after getting her prescription she got her first dose of eye drops and it has been a two person job ever since. One person's job is to pin her down, arms tight against her body, and if possible hold her head straight. The other one must pry open her eyelids and squeeze in the medicine before she has the chance to slam them shut again. This might be the day that all future therapy sessions are traced back to.

The alternative to the medicine is, of course, more discomfort, pain, itching, and not being able to go to school for a long time. But have you tried reasoning with a five year old lately? Hint- it doesn't work! Also, bribery didn't work on this one. You can have cookies. No! You can watch as much TV as you want. No! For the love of all things holy I will buy you a car on your sixteenth birthday, just sit still and let me do this!!!... No!

Thankfully she has been on the antibiotic for over 24 hours now, so she is no longer contagious. Of all the nasty illnesses she can (and probably will) bring home from school, pink eye is one of the most sedate, so I can't complain.