Sunday, January 25, 2015

01-25-15 The Last Weekend

Well, the last weekend of my maternity leave has come and gone. I am so incredibly grateful to have spent twelve full weeks with my family. Thursday I go back, and to be honest I am starting to get a little nervous. The idea of getting three children and myself ready to go and out the door each morning by myself seems pretty overwhelming! I know it will take a couple of weeks to settle into our new routine and I just need to not be hard on myself during this transition. I had hoped to be more settled in our house before going back, but the timing didn't quite work out. That's alright, it will all come together! Also, I should seriously start doing some laundry because I'm sure they wouldn't appreciate me showing up in my sweatpants and t-shirts! 

I am looking toward to being creative again, to start a project and finish it with minimal disruption. No one at work will scream at me, or throw things at me, call me stinky face, or follow me into the bathroom. But, I will miss little hands in mine, baby coos, mid afternoon naps, spontaneous hugs, duck duck goose, and cuddles. I will have to stock up in the evenings and weekends!

Tomorrow if the weather holds I will be taking the kids on a little adventure... A last hurrah before I go back! Stay tuned!