Saturday, June 20, 2015

06-20-15 Birthday Party Fun!

One of the great things about marrying into a big family, and then that big family growing with lots of babies, is we always have reasons to celebrate! What makes it even better is that we all live so close together. I love that my kids get to see their cousins so much! 

Today we celebrated our little nephew Daniel's 4th birthday. He is a sweet kid with a ton of energy and a kind heart. He has an adorable laugh and a beautiful smile!

His mom did an awesome job on his Captain America birthday cake. So cool! 

Baby E and Baby Bekah are three months apart. I have to watch Baby E when he is around her because he likes to go for her eyes! Baby E is doing really well with sitting and is starting to wiggle himself to places he wants to go. 

Such cuties!