Saturday, August 22, 2015

08-22-15 Play date and a quiet evening

This is my evening.... Vegging in front of the tv with my little people and a bowl of popcorn! (And yes, we are watching Frozen. At Big E's request, no less.)

C had a long day. She went on her first official solo play date. One of her friends from Moms Morning Out invited her over for the day, so this morning I took her over, spent a little while with her friends family, and then left her to have her fun! It seems strange that she is old enough to have friends she chooses for herself! I guess I better get used to it! 

She had a lot of fun! They went swimming, played in their play house, and played with toys. By the time she got home this evening she couldn't stop talking about how much fun she had! I'm so glad! It was a great way for her to spend her last Saturday of freedom before school starts.