Thursday, December 17, 2015

12-17-15 late night

It's a late night, made later by a little boy that had to use the potty and couldn't find his mommy so he had a major freakout. How was he to know mommy wouldn't be in her room, but instead would be downstairs wrapping presents and watching Sherlock? And since the frightened kid cried A LOT, he made himself all snarffly and can't fall back asleep and insists mommy stay within his line of sight. So, tired mommy, who has gift wrapping and chores to do before sleep, is sitting on the edge of frightened boy's bed waiting for him to fall asleep.

So while I wait, here are some pictures of my evening. I love the first one. C was dancing along to Manheim steamroller while Big E is shoving earplugs in his ear and Baby E is looking on like they are crazy. He's right, of course!