Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Look at me, being all crafty!

For C's 2nd birthday I wanted to do a theme. My husband had shot down my "Pride and Prejudice" themed party early on, which in the end was probably a good thing because ever since C was introduced to the Backyardigans, she has had no time for the company of Lizzie and Mr. Darcy. *sigh* There go all my hopes for a toddler with a British accent  and a Mr. Wickham pinata.

So, I settled on an owl theme, cause I figured that it would be pretty easy to put together and very adorable. With the enlisted help of my sister and some friends, I think we pulled off the theme very well!

Some of the ideas came from Pinterest. Some of them just happened as we were working.

gift bags - the trick to these was to make sure they didn't look angry.
The guy on the right looks pretty ornery if you ask me!
My sister designed and created each of the masks. 


We cut out 'feathers' and created wings for the kids to wear on their arms.
This was pretty time consuming. I wasn't thrilled with the outcome because
they didn't stay on the kids arms very well. 
owls for random decorations- these were a lot of fun to make. As you can tell,
we got more creative with the eyes as we went along.
the big pupils are cute
look deep into my eyes!

I strung them together, along with the extra feathers, to make
hanging decorations. 

napkin wraps
Photo wall - Owl 'month' stickers

Pinterest was my go to place for food ideas.

Owl deviled eggs - they walk the fine line of cute and creepy


I knew I wanted to do something fun for the cake so
when I came across this idea I jumped on it! My sister made
the cupcakes and my friend Emily decorated them. The final product
looks pretty close to the picture!

Birthday cake!
Along with the cake, I wanted to make individual owl cupcakes.
I am delighted with how adorable they turned out!

owl cupcakes

It was a lot of work, but it was fun to watch it all pull together.
Stay tuned to see how C enjoyed her Owl themed party!

Things he can do...

He can sit in a chair...

He can sit in a bumbo...

But best of all... He can sit on his own!

Congrats, little man, on your newest milestone!

Case Closed

There can be no doubt these kids are related.

C used to make this absolutely ridiculous facial expression... 

Exhibit A- 

Now that E is about that same age, look what I noticed. 

Exhibit B- 

Case closed. 

An unspoken, albeit shaky, truce