Sunday, December 13, 2015

12-13-15 I want to be like my boy

Yesterday before the crazy, we had been furiously cleaning the house. I'm trying to get it holiday ready so we can enjoy it a little more. Part of the cleaning was purging and getting rid of old toys the kids don't play with. I told them each to pick out some toys that we can donate. C went around picking out small little toys that didn't matter much to her and she would never miss. Big E however took one of his prize toys and handed it to me. At that point I wasn't sure if he understood the exercise so I got down on his level and explained the toy would be going away and it wouldn't be coming back. This was a toy that I personally felt he's should keep, and I was kinda sad that he had selected it. However he was insistent that that was the toy to send away. I sat with him as daddy took it outside and he started to cry. He said that he was sad that the toy was going away. I asked him if he wanted to keep it, but he shook his head no and said he wanted it to go. I'll admit I was incredibly humbled by this moment and this kid. He had just done the most selfless act a three year old could ever do. He hadn't picked the leftover or the forgotten toy, he had picked his biggest and best, and with tears, he gave it away. He mourned it for a few minutes and then moved on.

This evening we had dinner with some good friends and they suggested we should donate it as a shoebox gift and let Big E pack a box. So we pulled the toy out of the van with some other small toys and explained to him what we were doing. He eagerly filled the box to overflowing. Again, he didn't show any interest in keeping his prize toy. When we got home he mentioned again that he hoped it would come home someday but I explained it was for good. He pouted for a moment and again moved on.

And as I tucked him into bed I started thinking that I wish I had a heart like that little guy. I wish I could be that selfless. I wish I could offer my best, mourn it's loss, and move on. His choice so perfectly illustrated the choice God calls us to make on a daily basis, to give Him the best and trust Him with that decision. What a powerful lesson my little boy taught me today. I want to be like my boy.