Monday, April 13, 2015

04-13-15 Johns Hopkins

Well today was the big day. Tim had to work so it was just me and Baby E. We trekked up to Baltimore for a 10 am appointment. I admit I was a little anxious (or very anxious.) I rarely go to Baltimore and I am not really familiar with the city. I don't like not knowing my way around and not knowing what to expect. Fortunately we missed rush hour and the drive was fast. We got parked and made our way to the orthopedic surgeon's office. And then we waited...

Thankfully he was in a good mood! They finally called us back and we waited some more. 

When the doctor showed up, it was thankfully a pretty non eventful appointment. The doctor was surprised to see a calcium deposit that young (he confirmed they normally show up around 4-5 years old.) but he said it was still small and didn't seem to be causing him any pain. He checked the rest of his body and flexed all this joints. He didn't locate any more. He said that he wasn't concerned, but if it got bigger, seemed to cause him pain, or if we noticed more, we should bring him back, but otherwise he didn't need to see him again. Whew! The was good news :) 

Look at his tiny X-ray!

When I got back I picked the kids up and I took them to the park.