Sunday, December 6, 2015

12-06-15 The First Christmas Night

This evening was the kids production at church. The kids have been working on this for weeks and were very excited that the day had finally arrived. C was a star and Big as was a donkey. 

The kids practice with the Cherub Choir every Sunday morning. I've been helping my mother in law with that for some time now and it really is a lot of fun. The 2s and 3s basically just stare at you the whole time, but the 4s and 5s really get into the signing. This evening their song was Go Tell It On The Mountain. We had multiple conversations with Big E that he was not allowed to bounce through the entire song. He must have been listening cause he stayed pretty still. Also it was the first year that one of my kids wasn't picking their nose the entire time! 

C got to sing the verses with her cousin Adie. She was practicing all afternoon.

Shortly before showtime, Daddy started prepping our little donkey.

All ready to go!

My little star waiting in line...

During the rest of the evening, the youngest kids were contained in the stable. 

Thanks to everyone that put so much time and energy into this evening! You did a great job!!

Baby E discovered Christmas lights!