Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Charlotte loves cameras...

I blame myself, really. Shortly after Charlotte was born, we started snapping pictures and haven't stopped since. This is one well documented baby! And it didn't take long for Charlotte to begin to notice. She's had a few sessions with a photographer that I work with, and she just sits entranced by the camera and all the flashes. It makes for some great photos, her eyes open wide in wonder!

But her love of cameras has a down side...

See, Charlotte does a lot of cute things... (at least we think so!) So, when I have a camera handy, I take the opportunity to catch the moment... At least I try... But Charlotte won't perform for a camera. Nope. She just wants to stare at it. So, she may be doing a most adorable thing, say- playing with the kitty, or rolling around on the floor, or snuggling up to mommy, but the moment she sees the camera, its all over. She's done.

With that said, I have a lot of video footage of her sitting around like a log, looking bored or uninterested or just distracted by the camera.

So, I thought I'd take this opportunity to show you a before and after 'VC sighting.' (video-camera-sighting)

In this first clip, Charlotte doesn't know there is a camera. For all she knows, it's just me and her and aunt Julie hanging out on the kitchen floor.

And this is her after 'VC-sighting.' In this clip, Charlotte has become very aware that there is a camera in the room. Notice her change in attitude and interaction. 

Yup, it's like a completely different baby. Silly Charlie! I guess we are going to have a transition to stealth mode if we want to be able to document anything more than a blank stare!