Tuesday, October 20, 2015

10-20-15 Missing One

Big E was still running a fever this morning, so instead of leaving him at the sitter with other kids, Tim decided to take him to work and let him sit in the office. 

This totally brought me back to my own childhood. We spent countless (literally countless) hours at the shop growing up. When school was out, or we were sick, or during summer vacation we headed to the shop. Back then there was no Netflix to pass the time.

My parents did have a thirteen inch black and white tv with rabbit ears that sometimes worked and sometimes didn't. It got a total of five channels on its best day, with the antenna wrapped in foil and positioned just so. We would sit on a floral print couch that released clouds of dust when you flopped down. It smelled faintly of lacquer thinner. When the TV wasn't working, or we got bored we would get out large brooms and sweep 'tracks' around the dust on the floor and race each other. At times we would each get on a moving dolly and chase each other around. No pain matched running over your fingers, though. The large empty drying rack dollies became houses and castles. Empty wooden 'horses' were majestic steeds. The forklift was a jungle gym and the loading bay was a mountain to be scaled. 

We played in empty dumpsters and 50 gallon drums. We walked tightrope on spray gun cables and drew pictures in the dirt stuck to the compressors. The air sprayer forced your face in funny contortions and made your clothes whip around like a hurricane. Boxes of rags made fancy clothes and the car jack was an amusement park ride. 

We had a unique childhood to say the least!!!

With Big E gone, it was just me and the other two. The dynamic is always different without them all together. For the most part it is quieter, however Baby E has started screaming like a banshee to get what he wants, which is a really irritating habit!

It was an uneventful bedtime, for which I am thankful! 

On time hop on FB, this photo came up from last year. It made me smile. 

And this came up from two years ago. Must have been an eventful day!