Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Charlotte loves her kitty...

Charlotte loves her kitty, B'Oscar. (Yes, B'Oscar came home a couple of months ago and Charlotte quickly attached herself to him.) She likes to follow him around and give him kisses. She bends down and tries to pick him up. She pulls his tail... And through it all, he stays calm and patient with her. It's a surprising turn of events, because he used to slink away from her as quickly as possible and hide under the couch.

Charlotte was playing with a box recently that had a plastic front with a hole in it. One day, B'Oscar crawled into the box, much to Charlotte's delight. She reached in and petted him and started screeching because she was so happy.

Now, every time B'Oscar gets near the box, she gets very excited. Sometimes she carries the box around the house following him. Sometimes he is a good sport and goes in, but usually she gets too excited before he gets the chance, and he opts to pass on the poking and prodding and squealing.

The other morning, he was sitting near the box when she walked in the room. She got so happy she ran towards him. When he turned and walked the other direction, she followed him, pointing at the box and jabbering at him. As he got further from the box, she got more insistent in her jabbers. When he walked out of the room she shouted after him, then turned to me and burst out crying!

Poor girl just wanted to play!

I wish I had gotten the exchange on video... it was funny and sad at the same time.

As a consolation prize, I shoved B'Oscar in the box this morning and Tim shot this quick video. He isn't in there long, but you can see how happy she is play with him. It's especially cute to watch her wave good bye to him as he leaves the room! Then she goes on to jabber for a little while... Enjoy!