Thursday, October 1, 2015

10-01-15 Maybe Tomorrow

Once again my loves are quietly sleeping behind those doors. They have no idea that maybe tomorrow they will get to see the ocean for the very first time. If they knew, they wouldn't be sleeping so soundly! It's quiet in the house right now. I can hear the rain a bit, but not much. 

The hurricane is now a category 4, but it has stalled a bit and is now generally predicted to stay further off the coast and hit later than initially anticipated. This is good news for my trip this weekend. Having felt sick when I woke up this morning, I took the day off and rested. I also spent a good portion of my day fluctuating between deciding to stay home this weekend or deciding to go. This is par for course at this stage before I travel.  And like Hurricane Joaquin, the journey will be pretty unpredictable from here on out! I may go, I may not, but I am moving ahead like I am.

Tim and the kids are coming this weekend and staying in a hotel about a mile away from where I am staying. I've mentioned before that Tim has really been my champion through this ongoing issue, and once again he is stepping up. (However, I'm pretty sure the plan seemed much more appealing when he was going to be able to take the kids on the beach or walk on the boardwalk. For now it looks like they might be camping out in their hotel room all weekend!) But I feel much more comfortable that  they will be right down the road and I can sneak away and see them if I want! One of Tim's biggest jobs when we travel is to make sure I eat. That seems pretty basic, right?... But it's not... When I am anxious, I don't eat... And when I don't eat, I get more anxious! So he's the one that makes sure I'm taking care of myself. Have I mentioned lately that he is awesome? Well, he is!

So, if I do make it this weekend, and you see me, feel free to give me a smile and maybe a snack!!!