Monday, February 28, 2011

Too fast...

This past weekend, Charlotte Jane turned six months old.

Six... months... old...

It was 11:45 at night when the contractions started.  11:50 when I told Tim and saw his eyes light up. 2:15 when we got in the car and started towards the hospital...

7 am the pain was so intense. Tim was talking... I couldn't hear him. I couldn't hear anything past the pain.

It was 9 am when her heartbeat first dropped. Tim was in the cafeteria eating a sandwich. He was so tired. He didn't know it was happening. My room swarmed with doctors and nurses, flipping me over trying to steady her...

11 am when her heartbeat dropped again. Tim looked worried. More flipping. More hushed, hurried voices. But she was steady again.

It was 1:30 when it dropped again. Urgent voices when it wouldn't rise. We knew.

1:45 in the OR.

1:55 It's a girl! I heard her cry. She was safe! Everything was foggy... But she was safe!

That was just last week, right?

Too fast... Way too fast...

Photoshop Fun!

pretty girl!

the infamous bear suit

big girls sit in big girl chairs!

Charlie's cousin Emma!

Charlie's cousin Adie!
Charlotte with Nonna! 

Charlotte with Grandpa & Grandma Pearson