Monday, September 28, 2015

09-28-15 Happy Monday!

C- Why are we talking about that when I don't even know what we're talking about!

Me- Is it hard being three?
Big E- Yeah, it's very hard.
Me- Why?
Big E- Its hard for me to sit in my seat in the car for a long time cause it makes me boring.

I was reading the kids C's new book Splat the cat sings flat. In the book the cat sings very loud and very flat. Thinking this would entertain the kids, I did the first round a little louder and pretty flat. The second time was louder still and more flat. Then the book called for Splat to sing very loud and very flat, so I opened my mouth wide and sang very very loud and very very flat. Well, this totally freaked out Baby E. His face contorted into a look of pure fear and his bottom lip stuck out. Then he started wailing! Poor baby! It took a while to calm him back down! So I guess the next time I will just read the story!