Sunday, February 22, 2015

02-22-15 Church at Home

We were all pretty bummed this morning when church got cancelled on account of all the ice, so we decided to do church at home. We started with Daddy reading from the kids' Bible. This morning's story was about the Ten Commandments.

After story time, C informed us that at church the next thing to do is make a craft, so we got out the crayons and we colored pictures from the Bible stories we have been reading recently. And after craft time, apparently there is snack time. So this morning, we made cookies. I had very attentive helpers.

We were then informed that after story time, craft time, and snack time, there is play time. It was a fun chance for us to experience church as a family this morning. It made being stuck in the house a little more bearable! 

After "church," it was time to give baby E a bath.

The rest of the day was kinda lazy. We had visitors, then took naps and ran to the grocery store.