Saturday, December 19, 2015

12-19-15 The Nativity

When I was a kid my parents had these two end tables in our living room. They were hexagon in shape and had two small doors in front. I'm not sure what other families used them for, but in our house they held phones books.

They looked similar to this...

They were absolutely perfect for playing hide and seek, if you didn't mind sharing them with the aforementioned books.

And while they stand out in my memory for the above reasons, they also had special significance in winter because one of them would hold our nativity scene. I always looked forward to mom getting out the box tinted yellow with age and carefully unwrapping each statue. My sister and I would gingerly help her place each piece.

And when we were done, it would entertain me for hours! (Remember, it was the eighties. There was no WiFi or computers and we didn't even have cable.)

Well this year my mother sent me the Nativity set! I was excited to set it up this evening and looking at it brought back great memories from my childhood. In the busyness of our lives, I hope we are still talking the time to create some of those special moments for our kids. I hope when C is all grown up she will get just as excited when I pass this nativity on to her.