Friday, October 23, 2015

10-23-15 Friday Night

You can't really tell from this picture, but Big E is sporting a pretty good sized lip this evening. We were having dinner with some friends and family tonight. The kids were disappointed because I insisted that they finish everything on their plates in order to get dessert. They both protested. C finished first and excitedly ate her jello. It took Big E awhile to finish his, but when he did he was so excited to tell me that he jumped out of his chair and ran towards me. Problem was he didn't see the small step in front of him and tripped and rammed his mouth into the ground, pushing his teeth into his lip and causing quite a boo boo. There was blood and tears, but both eventually stopped. By the time we left, Big E's lip was getting bigger and he was incredibly emotional. He calmed down after he reminded me that after all of that he never got to eat his jello, and I told him we could take it with us. By the time we got home he was so tired, but we let him end the evening with jello and then bed. I sure hope he feels better in the morning!