Monday, April 1, 2013

Stop in the name of love!!

Charlotte is at that charming age when every day offers new adventures for her and new "Guess-what-my-kid-just-said" moments for me!

* Tim has been singing "Holy, Holy, Holy" to her at night before bedtime. We were driving home the other day, and I hear her in the back seat singing "Daddy, daddy, daddy! Merciful and mighty!"

* She was acting up while I was driving.
   Me- "Stop!"
   Charlie- "In the name of love!"

* In the middle of the night she woke up screaming. I went into her room.
   Me- "Charlie, what's wrong?"
   Charlie- "The froggies are going to get me?"
   Me- "What froggies?"
   Charlie- "The ones on the chair."
   Me- "I don't see any froggies on the chair."
   Charlie- "No, the boy ate them!!"

* My nickname for Charlotte is Bug.
   Me- "Hey Bug, come over here!"
   Charlie- "No!! You do not call me 'Bug!' My name is Charlotte!!!"

* While sitting at the dinner table, Charlotte proudly announces, "I toot like a cow!"

Who is that dapper fellow?

So, Elijah turned one.

I didn't think time could move that fast!

A year ago today, this was my dear sweet boy.

April 1, 2012

And now look at him!!
March 19, 2013

He is walking and talking! (By talking, I mean he can say "Uh-Oh" and "No-no-no" pretty well!)
He eats all the time.
His favorite food is hot dogs.
He also loves bananas.
And yes, he did eat a stink bug. Nothing like kissing a baby with stink bug breathe!!
He loves his big sister.
He loves to cuddle, just not before bedtime.
He likes his sleep. Don't think about depriving him of his mid morning nap!
He smiles more than cries.
He loves all things tools.
He ate his first french fry and then dove for the bag.
He's had a couple of stomach bugs, but has been relatively healthy.
He has the same belly laugh as his big sister.
He loves to chew on socks.
And of course, he looks great in a stache!

Around Thanksgiving, his grandfather gave him a mustache pacifier. I love this pacifier. It cracks me up. When we go out in public, and he is sporting his stache, he attracts the attention of all the ladies. Can you blame them? Look at that charmer!

In honor of Elijah and his stache, we decided to throw a mustache themed birthday party for him! We kept it pretty simple, after all he is not going to remember this one. 

First, the cake. Having seen the idea on Pinterest, I decided to do a mustache shaped cake. Actually we made two and they turned out pretty well! 

We also had mustache themed party games. 
A "Name that Type of Mustache" game for the adults.

And a "Pin the Stache on Elijah" game for the kids. 

And of course, what is a mustache party with out mustaches??

Family Stache Time
Birthday Boy!
He was not too thrilled to have his mustache on! I had to pin his hands down in order
to get the picture taken. Also, it must have felt very strange to him, because he refused to
close his mouth. He looks pretty dopey!  

Big Sister Stache

Daddy - Son Staches!

Hanging out with two of my very favorite mustached men!

Let's not forget the inaugural cupcake!

Happy Birthday Elijah!!
A little cautious!
He's hooked!

Happy Birthday to the sweetest, smiliest, cuddliest little guy I've ever met. I love you very, very much!