Sunday, June 7, 2015

06-07-15 The Recital

Last night was C's big recital. We got home late last night so I only got to post a couple of pictures. 

I was so proud of my little girl. She has been working so hard all year for this performance. She is the youngest in her ballet class and I wondered how she would hold up under the pressure. 

I dropped her off at call time and got her dressed and did her make up. Then I left her with the other girls and found my seat. I will admit that as I sat there, I started to get worried for her. What if she has to use the bathroom? What if she needs a drink? What if she is sitting in the room terrified to go on in front of all those people? What if she gets onstage and shuts down from fear? 

Thankfully the first act went quickly and it wasn't long before she skipped onstage. And she was adorable! For being the youngest in her class, she really held her own. She didn't need to watch the teacher offstage. Also, since she is the shortest in her class she got to be up front, which made it much easier to see her! It was such a wonderful evening!

We weren't allowed to take photos or video during the performance so I snapped these in the dressing room.

That dress was made for twirling!!

Me and my girl!!