Saturday, December 5, 2015

12-05-15 Date Time

Ever since having kids, Tim and I have had very little time to go on dates. 

For the first few years after C was born, I always felt guilty. I worked five days a week an hour from home, and my time with my babies was always limited. I felt like a bad mom if I willingly chose to leave them again just so I could go out for fun. 

We've gone out for dinner, we've seen a few movies, but we have always been watching the clock... Knowing we only had a few hours before having to get home. Well today, for our anniversary, Tim's mom watched the kids for the day so that we could go out. We did some shopping, saw a movie and grabbed dinner. It was nice to spend some time with him without worrying about getting home right away.

You'd think I'd have a picture of us to commemorate this delightful occasion, but no, I have pictures of doughnuts. Oh well.