Friday, October 16, 2015

10-16-15 Long long drive

C had the day off from school, and my aunt and uncle from California are visiting my parents so we decided to make a long weekend of it and join them! We headed out around 12:30 today for what should have been a less than two hour drive. Five hours later we got here. Seriously, that was a horrible drive. 

There was a suspicious package on the Wilson Bridge that had half the bridge shut down so we sat on the beltway for a long time. We got off and decided to go the other way only to find that it was really backed up to. So we decided to head through town. Guess what, also backed up!! We finally made it through. 

Since we were stuck on main roads and highways we couldn't really stop to let the kids out at all, so the poor little ones were stuck in their car seats for that entire time! We were all very glad to get here and stretch our legs!