Saturday, January 24, 2015

01-24-15 Furniture is here!

Finally the furniture is here! I am so very excited about it. I should have spent the day unpacking, but as it is my last Saturday before I go back to work, I tried to take it easy and enjoy my family. 


E has been sleeping on a cot since Baby E was born because I wasn't able to lift him into his crib after the C-Section. So tonight is the first night he is sleeping in his big boy toddler bed. It used to be C's but we pulled off the butterfly stickers and promised him he could cover it in Batman stickers. He was a happy boy!

Everyplace I have ever lived, I have lived near water. If I couldn't see it out my window, it wasn't ever more than 10 minutes away. Now that the bay is only a few blocks away, I'm looking forward to spending many evenings strolling on the boardwalk with my family!