Sunday, August 16, 2015

08-16-15 Such a large head!

08-15-15 Freezer Meal Workshop

My sister-in-law Laura and I signed up to do a Wildtree freezer meal workshop with our friend, Chelsea, who is a new Wildtree consultant. She sent us the shopping list and this morning we headed to the store. Davey had the boys and Tim had the older kids, so it was just Laura, me, and the babies! 

Technically these photos were from the first stop of the day when we dropped by Office Depot to get the rest of C's school supplies. I'd like to note that she has to bring sixteen glue sticks to school. That sounds insane to me, but I've been told by multiple people that this is completely normal. 

After that we did our food shopping and finally got back to the house to do prep for the workshop this evening. The workshop consisted of making ten meals to put in the freezer when we were done. The hope is that it will make weeknight dinners much easier. 

We laid out all the ingredients.
(The salted caramel peanuts were for munching, though if they could figure out a way to add them to a dinner recipe, I would be on board with that!)

And we gathered all the meat. 
That's a lot of meat! (Remember we were prepping twenty meals, ten for each family.)

First the veggies. 

Lots of chopping and bagging.

Then we added the meats and other ingredients. 

Next we filled several coolers and headed over to Chelsea's house for the last of the assembly. She had instructions and the remaining ingredients. We spent time going though products and assembling our bags. 

By the time we were finished we had ten healthy and (hopefully) tasty meals each!

Thank you Chelsea for all the work you put into this evening! It was fun and I am looking forward to trying the meals!