Friday, March 4, 2011

A Girl and Her Kitty

In our house, we have three cats running around...

Eli, B'Oscar (with a silent 'B') and Cyclo. 

Charlotte decided early on that Eli was her favorite. Maybe it's his size (he's huge!). Or maybe it's his white fluffiness... Or maybe it is because he is the only one that doesn't run, tail tucked between his legs, from her every movement!

Whatever the reason, Charlotte loves him! She starts jabbering at him the moment she sees him. She carries on long conversations with him and she reaches out to pet him every chance she gets. For the most part, he is a good sport about it. He never gets aggressive and I never have to worry that he will hurt her. Sometimes, he even leans into her strokes... That is until she grabs a handful of fur and skin and pulls! Then, he'll let out a protest and scurry away. 

Hey Kitty! How ya doin'?

I will pet you!


Have you seen my feet?

I will kick them at your face... Watch out!

oh boy...

KITTY!!! You're so soft!

Oooh! Look at that!!

Ha! You never saw it coming!

Oh how I love you, kitty!!

Kitty... Kitty??? Where did you go?