Saturday, August 8, 2015

08-08-15 Me & my crazies

When we got home from vacation late late Sunday night we walked in, put the kids to bed, unloaded the car and dumped it all in our living room before falling into bed ourselves. And that is where our stuff sat all week. So today was cleaning and organizing day. Tim had to work so he left this morning,  which left me and the kids. I ran some laundry, did some dishes, put away about 80% of the stuff, and then like all good procrastinators, I got bored and had to get out of the house. I thought coffee would do the trick, so I packed up my band of crazies and headed to Starbucks. But along the way I realized that it was noon, and my crazies would soon be hungry. So I thought we'd drive through somewhere, get food, and go to the park. But all of a sudden my group of crazies had to use the bathroom, so we pulled into McDonalds and took care of business. Since we were there we ordered food and the kids noticed the play place. Ugh. I hate those things. Germ factories!!! However there were no other kids and it was about 186 degrees outside so I conceded they could play at McDonalds. Shudder. They had fun, I survived, we were all sanitized after we left. 

I still needed Starbucks... But they would want something too... So I swung by Rita's (cause I'm an awesome mom like that) and thoroughly sugared them up during what should have been nap time. With my children consuming unholy amounts of sugar I snuck into Starbucks for my much needed frapaccino. And since caffeine loves company, I picked up a couple of drinks for friends and headed on my way. After dropping off the first drink I took my fully sugared, un-napped van full of crazies to visit Ms. Rebecca. Bearing gifts of caffeine and baby cuddles, we visited for a couple of hours before heading home.

But now I had a dilemma. Too late for a nap... Too early for bedtime. Ugh. Did I just shoot myself in the foot? There were no obvious meltdowns so I opted to keep them up. I made dinner while they watched Baby Einstein. Yes, of all the things they could choose to watch they landed on that. Did I mention they were tired? 

I made dinner. Oh no! Still too early for bedtime. So a walk/bike ride to the 'zagebo' park would do them in. Only one rule... Mom's not carrying any bikes. At all. You want it, you drag it. Off we went. 20 minutes at the gazebo park did the trick. By the time they were home they only required a small snack and a story. Now they are tucked nicely in bed and I am rocking Baby E to sleep next to me. 

It might not have been the most productive day, but I did get coffee and I got to spend a few hours with a dear friend. I'd say it was time well spent!

Playing at the beach last night...