Saturday, April 4, 2015

04-04-15 Naona visits!

It was so wonderful to have my mom visiting for the week. She is great with the kids and it's always a joy to have her over! The kids got to bake cookies, dye eggs, and jump in mud puddles! We were sad to see her go home this morning. We love you!!!

Today was spent shopping. I really really don't like shopping... Especially for clothes. We spent the whole day out going from store to store and finally I was able to get some dresses! The kids were as good as can be expected for such a long, napless day so we rewarded them with a stop by Chik-fil-a for dinner. Since it was late and there were no other kids there, we let them spend a long time in the play place. (Usually I just view those things as germ factories, so I try to avoid them.) Baby E enjoyed watching them through the window. 

Baby E taking a break in his big sisters car seat.

This little girl can be such a sweetheart.