Monday, May 4, 2015

05-04-15 Not the Monday I planned...

I hurt my neck a week and a half ago, and on Saturday my face and head started to go numb, like the feeling you get when Novocain starts to wear off. This morning I called my doctor and he was concerned that it might have to do with an artery going up my neck, so he wanted a Doppler on it to take a look at it. 

I called a radiology place and made a 3pm appointment for the Doppler on my carotid artery. When I called back less than an hour later to confirm, they said I was scheduled for a mammogram. When I told them that wasn't correct, (how do you mix those two things up?!?) they said they couldn't take me today. 

I called around and no one else could take me either, so my doctor sent me to the ER. I left work early and headed there. When I finally saw a doctor he ordered an MRI. He didn't think it was an artery issue, but wanted to make sure. They ran two tests with the MRI and wow is that machine loud! Once done, we waited two hours to hear the results. 

The MRI came back relatively clean. No big issues, so the ER doctor is leaning more towards a muscle issue. He prescribed me a steroid and wants me to follow up with a spine specialist. He didn't really have any answers about when I might start feeling better, so that was kinda sad. 

We finally got home after 10pm. Long long day! 

I'd like to thank Chris and Annie for watching the kids for us so that Tim could be at the hospital with me! C said she enjoyed her time with her aunt and uncle and that she got lots of treats! 

Thanks for all the prayers! Now, off for some much needed sleep.