Sunday, June 21, 2015

06-21-15 Happy Fathers Day

I am extremely grateful to have married a man that isn't afraid to get in the trenches of fatherhood.

Tim is good at being a dad. Because all my births were c-sections, he was the first one to get to hold each of the kids... 

And from those first moments he was hooked. He never complained about the inordinate number of diapers he's had to change, and he's even taken quite a few for the team when especially smelly ones pop up. He kills all the bugs, takes out the trash, and cleans up all the vomit. He gives the best piggy back rides and amuses the kids with a variety of silly voices and tickle monsters. He's a cowboy, he's a prince, he's a superhero, he's papa. 

In so many ways, Tim is an awesome dad! So here is a shout out to him, my partner in crime and my best friend. Thanks for being such a wonderful daddy!! Love you!

I'd also like to thank my dad... The man I still call daddy and probably always will. He set a high standard of what a man should be. It is an honor to have him as my father and friend. Love you, daddy! 

This evening was a wonderful evening just hanging with the family and enjoying each other's company. Nothing fancy, just peaceful!