Saturday, September 19, 2015

09-19-15 In the dark

I'm sitting here on the edge of a bed of a little girl that whimpers every time I make a move for the door. I'm pretty sure she has allergies and they have been keeping her up at night. We went through this in the spring time, and now that the temps have been changing and the allergens are picking up, she's having a hard time falling asleep.

We painted our toenails tonight... A special mommy/daughter treat. She's been begging to get her hair cut "just like Mommy's" and I have to admit it makes me kinda sad.... But it's just hair, right?!? Tim keeps telling me "it will grow back!" And of course he is right! She's never had a haircut so that's probably part of why it seems like such a big deal. It would certainly cut down on our daily arguments about brushing her hair. There would be less screaming, for sure. (On both sides! Ha!) I wanted to have her hair long for picture day at school, but that was this past Monday, when she was sick and missed it! And the make up day isn't until the end of October. 

I know, I know... This is a silly thing to obsess about! But here I am sitting in the dark, listening to little ones snore, and I just can't decide! (Btw- little kids snoring is adorable.) 

I know one day I won't be able to sit in their room and listen to them sleep. They will be grown, and it probably won't be all that adorable! But right now they are small, with small hands and small feet pulled up close to their bodies. Their backs lifting and relaxing with each breath. If it didn't threaten to wake them, I would crawl in bed with them and pull them close. For now, I'm just doing my best to memorize this moment, right down to the rhythmic snoring coming from Big E! 

She seems to have finally settled, which means I might make it to the door. I need to remember to oil the hinges, though because the door squeaks, here's hoping I can get out undetected! Cause downstairs my best friend is sitting on the couch waiting to hang out and watch tv.