Friday, August 28, 2015

08-28-15 Week One

C survived her first week of Kindergarten. Maybe survived isn't the right word. Perhaps thrived. She loves it. She usually isn't much for opening up about her day, but since starting school she enthusiastically answers all of my questions and volunteers information and stories. It's fun to see her so excited about all the new experiences. Her greatest disappointment is that they haven't started painting in art class, and by painting, she means painting walls. She loves the library and she is starting to make friends. She had P.E. Today but informed me that they didn't play games they just raced from one end of the gym to the other. She cracked me up when she told me about an interaction with one of her classmates. 

C- Bryce really wanted to win, so I decided to run a little faster. 
Me- Did you beat him? 
C- yeah, I did.  

Poor Bryce, whoever he is! 

She has a new best friend that rides her bus, but she cannot seem to remember his name (I love how kids make friends so quickly!) 

Overall she is having a blast! We will see if that attitude continues after they start sending home homework! 

Sorry there are no pictures tonight. Tim is working late, so I braved the farmers market with my three crazies. Halfway there I started thinking, wow, this is such a bad idea! But I sucked it up and took them anyways! Thankfully they were pretty well behaved. We had Rita's and walked around. C complained I talked with other people too much. The kids were disappointed they couldn't play on the beach, but I'm waiting until Big E's toe heals completely before I let him anywhere near sand. Also, without Tim I didn't relish the idea of trying to drag over tired kids off of the beach. 

By the time we got home it was dark. They are now fast asleep and soon I will be too!