Wednesday, January 28, 2015

01-28-15 Baby Jesus and the Hair Salon

Well there it is... Twelve weeks come and gone. Today has been good, but tainted by that achy feeling that something wonderful is about to end. I played longer, cuddled more, laughed often, trying to soak it all in. Tomorrow we get up while it's still dark and venture out in our different directions. I suspect there will be tears, but that's ok. In a few weeks we will be settled into our new routine and nothing will seem amiss. 

This morning C insisted that we pretend that baby E was baby Jesus. I was Mary. And she was a wiseman, but a girl. Instead of the traditional gold, frankincense and myrrh, she brought warm red water to pour over baby Jesus' head to cure his cradle cap. 

In the same spirit, this afternoon E wanted to play baby Jesus again and he wanted to be baby Jesus. However C wanted to play hair salon. The compromise was that I would be Mary and I would bring baby Jesus to the salon with me while I got my hair done. Everyone wins. 

If you think of us tomorrow, whisper a prayer that this transition will go smoothly. Thanks!

01-27-15 The Kids

As I walked through my house this evening I felt something I had been longing to feel... Progress.

After multiple loads of laundry and lots of folding, the dressers are filling up and floor space is returning. 

Today was a rough day. I strained my back/neck this morning and could barely move. The kids were good to play by themselves as I rested but this afternoon all bets were off. There was a lot of whining and picking on a each other and not a lot of listening. They must feel the change coming because today they were all over the place. 

But instead of sitting here being frustrated with them, I want to take a moment to tell you about my children. 

First there is C, a definite born leader. At four years old she is fiercely independent and wants to prove she can handle life on her own. She isn't quick to ask for help and often works through her problems. She thinks princesses are real and something you can grow up to become. She is observant and always has a question that needs an immediate answer. She loves to tell jokes, play house, and name every imaginary animal or friend Elsa. Empathy is not her strong suit, but she can be compassionate when she really stops and notices those around her. Her greatest dream is to be a mommy. Her smile is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. 

Next, Big E- at two (almost three) years old he is the most compassionate and generous little kid I have ever met. He is the first to share his toys or food. He worries constantly about his sister and wants to make sure that she is happy and safe. He is quick to give hugs, kisses, and cuddles. He is sensitive and caring. He is not as bold as C, but he can play more independently. He wants to work with tools when he grows up and wants to work at the shop with daddy. He cannot help but laugh when he is tickled, no matter his mood and he has the absolute best laugh. 

Baby E is starting to form his personality. At nearly twelve weeks old he is becoming more interactive and social. He likes to be around people and he begins to fuss when he cannot see anyone. He smiles when he sees you. He is a good sleeper, loves his paci and seems to enjoy his siblings.

Sometimes parenthood can be a frustrating experience. But when I stop and really look at my children, look past the sticky hands, the alligator tears, and the impromptu tantrums, I see unique, amazing individuals that God has blessed us with to prepare and train and encourage into adulthood.