Saturday, August 29, 2015

08-29-15 A surprisingly wonderful day...

Tim has been working a lot of hours lately and when I heard he had to go to work today, I admit I was pretty bummed. When I have all three kids by myself, I tend not to be as adventurous because I kinda feel overwhelmed. So I figured we would be spending most of the day at home, which didn't sound appealing. 

As it turns out, though, a dear friend came over and spent the day with me and the kids and it was wonderful. Having her over made the difference between a day I was kinda dreading to a day I didn't want to end! I think that might be the mark of a pretty good friendship, huh?!! 

Anyways, in between talking, playing with the kids, watching tv, etc., we also took the kids out to play on their bikes and they were joined by their cousins. 

Overall it was a surprisingly wonderful day!