Saturday, June 13, 2015

06-13-15 I'm officially obsessed with my toes...

So I'm obsessed with my toes! I know, you are probably thinking "enough with the toes already!" But really, they look freakish. Just stick me between the bearded lady and the monkeys riding unicycles. 

Actually today was the first day that I thought they started to look a little better. The purple was turning back to red and the swelling wasn't as bad.

That was until the incident.

Dun. Dun. Dunnnn...

I went grocery shopping this evening with my sister, C and baby E. While we were walking down the frozen food aisle I was looking at packages of sweet and sour chicken when apparently C started twirling. She was twirling so much that she lost her balance and her shoe landed full weight, in motion on my swollen toes. That's right, 37 pounds (plus momentum) smashed/scraped across my toes. 

If you were in Safeway tonight and heard a scream and then pathetic whimpering coming from the frozen pizza aisle, that was me. So much pain. I had to sit on the floor in the middle of the grocery store, waiting for the pain to ease up enough to stand. Almost instantly my toes swelled back up and turned dark purple. *sigh* 

Poor C felt horrible about what happened and by the time we got home, she said the most heartfelt apology I have ever heard from her. I hugged her and told her I forgave her and then reminded her for the 100th time in four days to be very careful around mommy's feet!

Right about now I am ready to invest in some steel toed boots! I can only get my feet into flip flops at the moment, and they don't provide any protection. 

So tonight you get to see a picture of my toes. But first a picture of Baby E. (The blogger app automatically chooses the first picture to display with the link, and I want to spare you having my puffy toes on your news feed!)

Have I ever mentioned that I hate feet? I think they are absolutely gross. In fact, I only like six feet in the whole world and they all belong to my children! 

Remember my purple pedicure on girls day? It's gonna have to last awhile cause no one is getting near these feet!

Please pray that my foot heals quickly and that there are no more mishaps! Thank you!