Thursday, August 6, 2015

08-06-15 Overachiever

Hello little man! You turned nine months old today. You know how I always tease you about your oversized head? Well today I got verbal confirmation that your head is indeed very large. You had your nine month appointment this morning. Within moments they had weighed and measured you. You are in the tenth percentile for height, (this did not surprise me. When I did all the research for the multiple hereditary exostoses , one of the side effects is that people with that condition don't grow very tall. Sorry kid!) You were just over 18 pounds, which put you in the 15th percentile. I thought you would score higher here on account of how chubby your arms and legs are, but I guess in proportion to your short height it makes sense. 

Lastly they measured your head. I burst out laughing when the nurse said your head measures in the 97th percentile. Ninety-seventh! No wonder it took you so long to sit up, you were trying to balance that massive noggin! The doctor said he wasn't concerned because you are growing healthy in all other areas, so an oversized head is nothing at all to worry about! 

So congrats on being such an overachiever!! Well done! 

- you love baby food and would eat all the time if I would let you
- you often talk in this deep guttural voice that sounds really creepy
- you are my most social child. You smile at everyone.
- currently I am the only person you want to hold you. You freak out when I walk out of sight. 
- you adore your big sister. 
- you like being in swimming pools and often fall asleep while floating around. 
- you still love pacis
- you are very ticklish and have a cute little laugh

08-06-15 They all make me smile

When I was growing up it was just me, my sister, and my parents. We were quiet introverts. That lifestyle did not prepare me well for marrying into a large, boisterous family... but I love it! All the kids, the motion, the noise is awesome. Of course it helps that each member of the family I would have quickly chosen as a friend anyways (and in many cases already had!) My kids have built in playmates and we have built in confidants. :)