Wednesday, September 2, 2015

09-02-15 Yup, that was my naked kid...

I had a MOPS steering team meeting this evening at church. It has been on the books for weeks, but it wasn't until this morning that it occurred to me that Tim would be working, so he wouldn't be able to watch the kids. That would mean I'd either miss the meeting or bring them with me. (Yikes!) 

Neither option was sounding ideal, but I really didn't want to miss the meeting since we are starting up our MOPS year in a few weeks and this would be our last steering meeting before then. So I opted to bring them with me. I made sure they were all fed and they picked out toys to bring with them. We had a talk in the car about how important it was for them to be on their best behavior while we were there because there probably wouldn't be childcare and likely no other kids there. Of course they smiled and agreed to behave. 

What could possibly go wrong?

Let's just say that after a full day of school for C, and a long day for the boys, my children were in fine form. In between asking to go to the water fountain every five minutes, screeching up and down the hallways, and ramming Baby E and his walker into the walls, there were a few moments of blessed silence. It was during one such reprieve when I look up just in time to see Big E go running past the door and down the hallway naked! Well, mostly naked. In his defense he had a shirt on. Nothing else. And since public nudity is generally frowned upon in this corner of the world, I promptly chased him down the hallway, at which point he screamed and hid. Yup, I had to track down my naked kid... In a church. I found him hiding under the water fountain.

I had seriously been considering starting up Wednesday night's at church with the kids next week, but after tonight's, ahem, display, I need to rethink this.

Seriously, I need to learn how to draw.