Thursday, December 10, 2015

12-10-15 It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

The kids have started decorating the Christmas tree. The nine foot tall Christmas tree. That means there are ornaments clumped all around the bottom and very few above the 3.5 foot mark. After I got the kids to bed this evening I shuffled some of them around, now there are none above the 5.5 foot mark. We are going to need to break out a ladder to get the whole thing finished! It wasn't until I was looking at the picture of the tree that I realized some of the lights aren't working. Guess which side will be facing the wall?!? 

Tim shifted the tree across the room last night, which is great because I no longer have to squeeze by it to work in my kitchen! This weekend we will clean out the corner and get it into place. :) I. Love this time of year with all the lights everywhere. It always makes me so happy! I just wish it lasted longer!

So I switched from Verizon a few weeks ago and joined Project Fi for my phone. It is Google's cell phone service. I had been wanting to do it for awhile, and I finally bit the bullet. I purchased my new phone outright and pay a small monthly fee for my data and phone service, so far I like it. I'm telling you all this to mention that when I got home the other day from work I had a package from Google sitting at my door. It was a holiday gift of a cellphone caddy. Actually, it was more like a box filled with Lego pieces and instructions to make a cellphone caddy, which is pretty awesome. It didn't take the kids long to find it and start assembling things themselves. Big E seems to have the most fun with it, so far he has made mini obstacle courses, the cross that Jesus died on, and this giraffe.

He was very proud of it. 

Baby E is getting much more mobile.  He goes up stairs now, but hasn't quite mastered the concept of coming down them. He has started signing 'more' during mealtime and he is babbling and trying to say words now. All of his big molars have come in and it looks like he has all but four of his baby teeth. 

I love that he is finally at the age where is is so interactive with the other kids. He follows them around and steals their toys. He offers them kisses and tries to take their food. He yells at them when they are too rough and he laughs when they play games with him. He is growing so fast!