Wednesday, January 21, 2015

01-21-15 Grandmothers

There are few things more wonderful than watching a grandmother enjoy her grand kids. I have been very fortunate to have my parents living relatively close by (less than two hours) and my mother has been indispensable during my maternity leave. Shortly after having the baby she came and helped me for several weeks, cooking meals, changing diapers, burping the baby. (I have nicknamed her the Burpinator because no one can get a baby to burp better than my mother!) We stayed with them for a week in early December and then around Christmas. And when I came down with the flu and baby E was so sick she took the older two for a week to let me recover and focus on the baby. She has also spent countless hours helping us paint the townhouse and pack up and move out of the farmhouse. Through it all she has been such a blessing. She is industrius and focused, great with the kids and I truly enjoy her company! 

Today she took a short break from the busyness of packing to spend some quiet moments with her youngest grandson.

What a beautiful pair! I love you mom!!

One of the few things I will miss about the farmhouse is the yard. We have enjoyed the privacy and seclusion of fifteen acres, far from busy roads and other people. I loved opening the back door and letting the kids out to play. I imagined them spending their youth exploring the woods and ravines around the house. 

My favorite memories from that house are from the yard. We had a huge hill near the house and two bright red crazy coupes. We would put one kid in each crazy coupe and push them off down the hill, letting them race to the bottom. Of the hundreds of times we did that, they only overturned once! It also made an amazing sledding hill. I loved having a garden and working in it and looking over to see C digging at the patch of dirt we had dug up and planted with flowers so she could have a garden of her own. These things remind me of my own childhood. 

But now we start a new adventure. Their childhood won't look like mine, but that's not a bad thing, just different!