Friday, September 25, 2015

09-25-15 Lucky Charms and Thai Food

With Tim working late most nights, our dinners have become a bit less conventional. With no one to entertain the kids while I am cooking, and everyone being to the point of exhaustion, I've definitely been taking some shortcuts. It doesn't seem worth it to cook a big meal when my kids won't really touch it. The freezer meals have been great, but sometimes dinner consists of scrambled eggs and toast or waffles. Sometimes it's a peanut butter and jelly sandwich... Tonight was an embarrassing combination of frozen pizza, spaghetti o's, and lucky charms for the big kids and left over Thai food for me and Baby E. (Btw- apparently he loves pad see ew, which is awesome cause so do I.) 

Just so you don't think we are complete savages, we did have tacos one night this week, and spaghetti another night! 

Be honest, what's the most "embarrassing" dinner you guys have scarfed down at night?

Baby E got a huge grin on his face when I first snuck him a sliver of a pad see ew noodle! Then he started gobbling down the pieces as fast as I could break them apart and set them on his tray.