Sunday, October 18, 2015

10-18-15 Family

Despite the ridiculous five hour drive out to my parents' house, it turned out to be a lovely weekend! The kids enjoyed seeing their grandparents, playing with their Aunt Julie, and seeing their great aunt and uncle. It was funny to see Big E seek out my uncle's company during our trip.

Baby E was pretty fussy all weekend and he slept a lot, but I think it was him getting over his fever and apparently he is teething. He now has molars on the bottom (and as I am typing, Tim is sticking his finger in Baby E's mouth to find out if he has ones on the top.) Nope, just the bottom. 

The kids got to sit in the back of GP's new red Camero, and I even got a chance to drive it! That was fun! They also got to paint pumpkins, make and decorate cookies, do some crafts, and play on the computer! No wonder Big E was pretty disappointed when we told them we were heading home! 

But as always, it is nice to be home. We will be doing some unpacking and then off to bed! 

We loved visiting with aunt and uncle! 

Ok, so I am officially hooked on adult coloring books. Seriously addictive. And yes. It took me all weekend to do this picture! C thought it was awesome that we got to color together.