Wednesday, March 4, 2015

03-04-15 Sleep Charts

Last night the children woke us up six times. SIX TIMES!!! Twice for the baby to eat, twice for drinks of water, once for a lost stuffed giraffe and once for just because. Needless to say, functioning today was pretty difficult on such little sleep. 

It has been an ongoing issue since the baby was born that the older kids have been waking up more often. It's starting to cause some real problems for mommy and daddy and things need to change. So today I decided to make charts. For C I made an Elsa themed chart. Each night that C doesn't wake us up, Elsa gets to move one more snowflake. Eventually she will travel from her ice castle to Arrandell. 

For E, I did a Lightning McQueen themed one. He starts in Radiator Springs and will arrive at the Piston Cup! 

The kids were so excited when they saw their charts and they kept telling me they were not going to wake us up tonight. We shall see!