Saturday, April 25, 2015

04-25-15 Maryland Day

Maryland Day has become quite a tradition for our little family. It is the one day out of the year that the University of Maryland throws open its doors and invites the community in for a huge open house. I mean HUGE! There are over 400 events spread across campus that cover just about every topic imaginable. There are activities for all ages and interests. Since my department is in charge of this day (not me, personally) we always run an event. This year I had the early shift, so we were on campus by 8 am. Once my shift was over, we spend the remainder of the day exploring campus. C was able to check everything off her list. The most important things were getting cotton candy, getting a balloon animal and giving the mascot, Testudo, a hug. The kids had a blast, and we covered nearly the entire campus. By the time we left, we were understandably exhausted! 

(Disclaimer... There are a ton of pictures.)

We ended the evening with a birthday party for my sister in law and they got to play with their cousins, so needless to say the kids were wiped when we got home. Praying they have a good nights sleep,