Tuesday, September 1, 2015

09-01-15 An Inconvenient Pillow

One might argue that the metal strip between the carpet and the linoleum bathroom floor makes a poor pillow, but Baby E would beg to differ. In fact, he took a good twenty minute nap there this evening. 

I'm pleased to announce that Baby E is finally sleeping through the night. At least I think he is. It is quite possible that I am finally sleeping through Baby E! Either way, we are starting to get a little more sleep in our house, and that is a good thing!

Now the only things standing between me and world domination are spiders and Big E, who has been wandering into our room every night around 4, (Big E, not the spiders.)  He crawls in bed, lays there for a couple of minutes, and then promptly returns to his bed when I tell him to. Strange. This is my kid who is scared of everything. He is scared of the living room in the middle of the day if there is no light on. Yet somehow in the dark of night he musters up enough courage to venture through dark rooms and hallways to find us. At least he doesn't fight going back to bed. 

C is certainly enjoying school. She decided to read us a book this evening and she put on the sternest teacher voice she could manage and ordered us to be quiet. She asked that next time I please refrain from bringing my baby to the library as he makes too much noise. Yes, ma'am! She also gave Big E the choice of two names to go by- Ronald or Mr. Stretchy Pants. Surprisingly he chose Ronald.

I'm so very thankful that her transition to school has been pretty seamless. I was expecting a rough ride, but I have been pleasantly surprised!