Wednesday, October 21, 2015

10-21-15 Time for your checkup!

10-21-15 Back to the Future

So today is the date that Marty McFly visits in the second Back to the Future movie. So off course, it is the perfect day to grab a photo of yourself next to a Delorean, right?!? Well, my friend Jeremy has a Delorean! So I text him to see his whereabouts this evening, and alas he won't be home until late, so my Delorean photo shoot will have to wait. 


I did dig through some old photos and found this gem! Mind you I'm about a gazillion months pregnant with C is this photo (ok, maybe 6. I was huge.) 

We threw an eighties themed party complete with The Delorean! 

And yes, that's a glow worm on my shirt. No judgments! 

I'm also including this photo of Steven's man leg!