Saturday, January 3, 2015


Things in our house tend to carry names that do not necessarily reflect their purpose or design. The name might have been chosen for its place of origin, or for the way that the children pronounce it. For example, we don't have magazines at our house, we have mazagines. Some adopted names make more sense than others, and some require a rabbit trail to understand. 

To show you what I mean, meet The Dwarf King.

Is there anything more boring than a carpet sample? I say no. Other than the fact it signifies we are getting one step closer to moving into our new house, there is nothing exciting about shopping for carpeting. Nada. Zilch. 

In fact, this particular carpet sample's real name is Oakmont. Boring.

However, when comparing this sample with the 50 kagillion other carpet samples we collected (or maybe 12), I could not remember its name. What kept popping into my head, however, was Oakenshield, which is not the name of a carpet color, but rather the name of leader of a group of dwarves attempting to reclaim the Lonely Mountain from the dragon Smaug in Tolkien's The Hobbit. He isn't just any dwarf, but the prophesied king under the mountain. The dwarf king. 

Hence, this carpet sample is now called The Dwarf King. See how it went from a boring, dull carpet sample to a protagonist we can root for? Is this the sample we have been waiting for? Will it stand up in battle against all other samples? Will it hold its own through price matches and installation dates? 

Well, today, Tim and I took the Dwarf King on such a journey. We went to multiple carpeting stores and compared it to so many other samples. We checked prices and options and timelines, and in the end the Dwarf King prevailed!!! So, before the end of 7 business days, the Dwarf King will take his rightful seat in our home and secure himself a place within our family lore by bringing us one step closer to moving day. 

That's how things work in our house. That's how we make tedious jobs fun. We look for something to root for. 

On a more boring note, each day brings us closer to everyone feeling better. Baby E had his best day yet and I am begging he lets me sleep tonight, as he so magnanimously allowed me 2 hours last night. I'm beginning to regain my sense of smell and my fever seems to have finally subsided. Things are looking up!