Monday, August 31, 2015

08-31-15 Exhausted

With the second week of school officially underway, our evenings have taken on a whole new dynamic. We've never been much for keeping the kids up late, but now that we have to keep school in mind, bedtime has become a bit more consistent. Tim has been working a later schedule for the past few weeks, so that means dinner and bedtime are on me. It's fine, really, it just all takes a little longer with only one person.

Between someone pooping on the floor, someone sitting on Baby E's head, and someone running their head into a door frame, I'd say our night had plenty of adventure. I was so exhausted that when I brought Baby E downstairs, we sat in the rocking chair and both promptly fell asleep. I love feeling a sleeping baby on top of me, listening to his rhythmic breathing, feeling his warm skin against my cheek.  It was the perfect ending to an exhausting day!

Conversations with C-

About school-
Me- So what's the name of the kid that sits next to you at school?
C- I don't know. He got a red light. They took him away. He hasn't come back.
Me- Whats a red light?
C- That means you've been bad. I'm always on the green light. 

The other night-

C- I think we should get a hunting camera and set it up in the woods and when we see a picture of a deer on it then daddy should go out and kill the deer so that I can eat it. But if he gets scared he should take a flashlight. Pause. But what if the deer tries to eat daddy?!?!
Me- it's ok, deer don't eat meat, they only eat plants.
C- Wait? Are people made of meat?
Me- yes. 
C- Ew!!!!