Tuesday, September 22, 2015

09-22-15 Two for one deal

So last week C had that "who knows what it was but it may or may not have been pink eye." She finished her meds a couple of days ago and has been pretty good. She had a cough that was keeping her up at night, but it was a dry cough and only really bothersome at night. A couple of nights ago, E started with the dry cough too. I attributed it to the constant change in temperature this past week. When I picked him up from the sitter this evening his voice was definitely hoarse and he seemed a bit warm. (Not hot, just a little warm.)  I decided to take him to the walk in hours at his pedatrician. C was on a date with Ms. Rebecca so it was just me and the boys. 

Turns out Big E has croup. A mild case. Nothing wrong with his ears or throat. The doctor isn't concerned, but prescribed a steroid if it worsens. 

Baby E's nose was a bit crusty so I asked the doctor to check his ears real quick just to make sure he was doing fine. He looked in one ear and said it looked slightly infected. Then he checked the other and said it looked pretty bad. So there... Double ear infection for the baby. Awesome. 

Now that little stinker has given me absolutely no indication of being sick besides that little bit of gunk in his eye last Monday and his crusty nose today. He always pulls on his ears when he is tired, but I didn't notice any additional ear tugging. No fussing when I lay him down. Definitely no problems eating. No coughing or hoarse voice. The doctor wrote a prescription to fill in the morning, telling me to just give him pain killers tonight, but I didn't even have to do that because I set him in his crib and he went right to sleep! Crazy little baby!

Here's hoping we are getting this all out of the way now!