Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Now to unveil Chapter 2...

Well, today was the big ultrasound day. We had to be in Annapolis at 8:15 am. We dropped Charlie off at her grandparents and headed up.

When I had Charlotte's 2nd Trimester ultrasound, they had a hard time getting a picture of the four chambers of her heart. An hour and twenty jumping jacks later, they gave up and sent me on my way. When I next saw the doctor, she said she wanted me to go back for another ultrasound to see if they could get that one picture. They weren't too concerned, they just wanted to make sure. So I asked if I could go to a place that did 3D ultrasounds. So, by the time I got Charlotte's 3D pictures, I was about 21 weeks along. Plenty of time for her to pack on some chub.

Right now, I'm 18 weeks along. That means, no chub. So, you have been fairly warned that Chapter 2 currently looks slightly alien like!!

Anyways, other than the absolutely normal lack of chub, the doctor said the baby looks 'perfect!' Praise God!!
adorable profile
kinda looking at the front of the face
alien baby!
no chub means you can see the entire jaw line
I said, "Tim, our baby looks like a mime!"
Tim said, "No, it looks like Stephen King's 'IT'."

As before, we asked the ultrasound technician not to tell us what we were having. Once she was done, I asked her if she knew and she said, "Yes." And when the doctor took a look, he made us cover our eyes so that we wouldn't accidentally see something. Tim teases me that he thinks he knows what we are having... Hmmm... As for me... I'm guessing boy. Any thoughts?

It's amazing how quickly and completely you can fall in love with someone that you have never met. Chapter 2 is already such a huge part of our lives and I can't wait to meet him or her on (or around) March 14th. (Probably around, not on!)