Thursday, October 22, 2015

10-22-15 Sometimes Adults Make Mistakes Too

For the second time in about a week C has had to learn a tough lesson. 

Sometimes adults make mistakes too. 

There must have been some confusion today. The note that I sent to her teacher saying she needed to stay for aftercare never made it to her. And even though she goes to aftercare every Thursday, she was put on the bus and sent home.

But no one was there to get her. Thankfully this time the bus driver kept her on the bus. She had to stay with him while he finished his route for her school and his next route for another school. She was on the bus for an hour and half.

This evening I had to deal with a very scared little girl that was crying about being left behind and all alone. 

I'm very frustrated that this is the second time in a week that we have had drop off issues. :/ Ugh!


We were driving home this evening and I had given Big E two crackers to eat.

Big E- Wait!!! Where did my other cracker go?
I turned around to see him holding one cracker in one hand and trying to reach down his shirt with the other.
Me- Did you eat it?
Big E- I guess I did.
Long long silence.
Big E- Oooooh! I'm holding it!