Monday, January 26, 2015

01-26-15 Adventure

I woke the kids up this morning and told them we were going on an adventure but I wouldn't tell them where or who would be joining us. They were very excited when we met up with Aunt Jenn, Allie, and Josiah. after an epic struggle we managed to get all the car seats into one van and we set off on our way!

Ready to go! Even baby E fit in the row with the boys! 

Despite the sleet, we headed up to Bethesda to the Playseum. When the kids walked in they were so excited! The Playseum so divided into multiple themed rooms. Some are sponsored by local businesses like Safeway and Dominos. And others are rooms geared toward dressing up or crafts. They have an animal room with bunnies and birds. There's a fire truck room, a travel room and a grandma's attic. There are so many different things the kids can explore and have fun with. 

It's hard to focus on lunch when there is so much playing to do!

Time to make pizza!

The boys loved the fire truck.

They all enjoyed grocery shopping.

Dressing up was fun!

Petting the bunny. 

I will probably post more pics tomorrow because I took a ton! By the time we left the kids had had many adventures. C can't wait to go back! 


We got home in time to sneak a nap in. I'm gonna miss my little napping buddy!

It was such a blessing to spend time with my sister-in-law and her kids! It's not often that I get to hang out with friends, so I was happy for the opportunity! It's wonderful that my kids have so many cousins that are so close in age and proximity. I love watching them grow up together!